Before moving (rental contract and costs)

You’re looking for an apartment in Clausthal ? Here you can find every answer to your questions about the rental contract and costs you may have before moving in.

How much is the rent? Are there any other costs?

he rent depends on size of the apartment. It starts at 240 €. It’s a fixed price, which includes also costs for waste disposal, water, electricity and heating. There are no further costs, except a phone-/ internet contract.

When does the rent have to be transferred?

The rent has to transfer in advance to the 1st of every month. If the rent is not received in time, you will get a reminder, which includes costs. Please transfer your rent on time to avoid more costs and trouble.

So that your transfer can be assign to you, please declare the subject of your transfer with your name and your apartment number.

How much is the deposit? Why is there a deposit?

The security deposit costs 400 €, it has to transfer directly after signing your contract. It’s for our security, if the apartment is damaged. When you’re moving out, you’ll get the deposit back if the apartment is not damaged and you haven’t any outstanding payments.

Do I have to pay commission?

No, we haven’t any commissions and hidden costs. There are no more costs for you except the security deposit.

When can I move in?

We need your signed rental contract, your personal data (phonenumber and e-mail address) and a copy of your ID-card, before you can move in. The security deposit and the first rental has to be transferred also.

Can everyone live there?

We only rent to students an employees of the university of Clausthal and associated institutes.

Can we rent an apartment with several people?

The apartments can also rent by two people. But someone has to be the main tenant. Keep in mind that you have to pay 100€ more for a second tenant.

Do I have internet and telephone? Do I need a contract?

All apartments have a telephone connection. So all you have to do is, find the right contract for you. You’re not bound to any provider, you can decide free. Very fast Internet (100 MBit) is available in all houses.

Our services for you

Here you can find all important informations about your time in your apartment and our offers. So you can feel completely comfortable.

Something is broken in my apartment!

You’ve to regulate small damages independently. For other cases our caretaker is available for you.

Where can I park my bike?

All houses have covered bike racks, where you can park your bike dry and safe.

Can I park nearby?

There are free parking areas directly at our houses. According to our previous experience, everyone will find a parking space just a few meters away.

Do I need a washing machine? Can I set up a tumble dryer?

In all student residences you can find a washing machine and tumble dryer. So there are no extra appliances needed.In the apartment itself are no appliances allowed.

Are the apartments furnished? Where do I get furniture from?

The apartments are not furnished except of the bathroom and the kitchen. You can buy cheap and used furniture in the social department store Clausthal (ALZ-Möbelservice, Am Ostbahnhof 3A). By the way, you can also get the furniture delivered cheaply. When you’re moving out, you can keep or sell your bought furniture.

Do I have to clean the stairwell? Are the paths cleared and is gritting salt added to it?

You don’t have to worry about anything, except for your own apartment. Stairwell, hall and cellar - all public areas are cleaned by our housekeepers. The janitor is responsible for small repairs, mowing the lawn and snow clean-up activities.

Termination and move out

Done with your study? A Pity, even the most wonderful times have to end. Here you can find all informations about an organized move out.

What is the period of notice?

The apartment can be terminated three months in advance to the end of every month. You can also be released earlier from the contract if a new tenant is found early.

When will I get my security deposit back?

If there are no damages in your apartment and you’ve got no outstanding payments, you’ll get your deposit back after your move out. It’ll be transfer to you.

Do I have to consider something after my termination?

You’ve to arrange a meeting with the administrator of the house to the end of your rental. Then your apartment will be checked for defects, damages and necessary work like painting and repairs. You also have to arrange a date for handing over the apartment key. Please keep in mind that the apartment has to be clean when you’re handing over the key.

What can I do with my furniture when I move out?

Maybe the new tenant is interested in your furniture, so then you can make a deal with him/her. Otherwise you can keep or sell your furniture to the „Sozialkaufhaus“ in Clausthal, too.